Host a clinic


Would you like to organize or host a clinic with Georgia Bruce?
As clinic coordinator you get to do the clinic for free.


Information for organizing a clinic:

  • Venue Requirements: Safe Fenced Arena, Horse Yards/Stables, Toilets, Float or Truck Parking, Somewhere to Sit for the Theory Sections.
  • 8-10 Participants with horses per clinic
  • Clinic Cost is $300 per person. This includes 2 Full days of training, Theory and Practical Training Sessions, As well as 2 Clickers per person. As clinic coordinator you get to do the clinic for free.
  • Auditors/spectators can watch the clinic at a cost of $50 per person per day.
  • Georgia pays for her own flights or transport to the Clinic.
  • Georgia will need accommodation and meals for the duration of the Clinic. She is happy to stay with the clinic coordinator, if they have a spare room etc. Georgia is Coeliac, so has to eat gluten free, no wheat etc.
  • Set a date that does not conflict with any major horse events in your area. E.g Competitions, Other Clinics.
  • Georgia will send you a list of available dates for the clinic. Confirm with Georgia the date that suits you.
  • Georgia will send you a flyer to promote the clinic. Post this around at feed stores, saddleries, in horse club newsletters, online forums etc.
  • Georgia will also promote the clinic on her website: as well as on the Click With Horses Facebook page.
  • You will need to take phone calls and emails from people asking about the clinic and give them the relevent information.
  • Clinic participants will need to pay a 50% non refundable deposit to secure their spot in the clinic. The other 50% to be paid at the start of the clinic.
  • When people book in they should send you a copy of their receipt or proof of payment so that you can confirm the number of people booked in. We will need a minimum of 8 paying clinic participants.
  • Click With Horses has a list of people that are already interested in doing a clinic. There may be a few from your area and we will contact them about the upcoming clinic you are organizing.
  • Georgia is a qualified EA Coach. All participants will need to sign the indemnity form before participating in the clinic.
  • At the clinic we will need a white board and some white board markers, for the theory components.
  • We will also need a bag of pellets (Barastock Calm Performer – or similar) as treats at the clinic. Also a couple of bags of carrots.
  • Clinics are run according to experience level of horses and people in the clinic. The Foundation Clinic is for those who have never attended a clinic with Georgia. After people and horses have attended one of these, they can then progress to attending an advanced clinic and or private lessons.
  • Georgia can also do a day of private lessons for people who have previously done a clinic and who want an individual lesson. Private lessons are $100 per person for 1hr. Georgia can do 8 private lessons in a day.

Thanks so much for your interest in organizing a Clicker Training Clinic. We will help you as much as possible so please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.