Day Three of Georgia Bruce’s clinic at Durham Park, Arcadia. Another full day of inspired and happy clients and horses. Dressage lessons for experienced and novice horses, a huge understanding by a client of a previous (not very good) training issue and how to fix it (Georgia rode the horse – wonderful to watch!), settling a young horse’s s concerns and calming him, a major lesson to all of us about loading a very nervous horse into a float, and, bless his socks, Quizzy’s continued improvement. Looking forward to the next clinic (hopefully in early September) which is provisionally half booked up. Anyone who is interested, please let me know and I will put you on the mailing list and send you any information you require. Thank you Georgia, for such knowledgable, wonderfully instructive, helpful, happy and enlightening lessons!Jan Tribe, NSW

Day two of Georgia Bruce’s clinic at Durham Park, Arcadia. A full day of enthusiastic clients – liberty work with a dressage judge’s horse, tricks and riding on two gorgeous Welsh Cobs followed by more liberty work with a previously abused horse and starting clicker training with a young rider – then the ongoing dressage improvement of a young ex-racehorse and finally continuing the huge improvement with Quizzy. What a huge difference to them all and I am so happy to see such contented and excited owners/riders. Thank you again Georgia Bruce, Jan Tribe NSW

We have just had 5 fantastic days of lessons at Barratta with Georgia Bruce, 38 lessons in total in all extremes of Melbourne weather. Some sunny days but also hail and gale force winds which blew huge trees over and branches and chairs across the arena, but Georgia soldiered on (after sheltering briefly!), superwoman!! It is great to see such happy and enthusiastic riders and horses, all making so much progress in such a short time. Charlie is a very tired “superstar” today having a well earned rest as was Georgia. Loved our lessons Georgia, thanks so much for all the encouragement and amazing instruction. Thank you also from everyone else at Barratta, they are already looking forward to your next visit! Jan Sharp VIC

The first outing of the year for Ocean Easy Stables and the Horse North Dressage Team at the ATDDEA May comp last weekend. Fantastic results for both Spritz and APH Swish. Spritz and I competed at our first Medium test together with a PB for Spritz. He then went on to win his Elementary class on the Sunday with a great %, despite the through flying change! Swishy was amazingly enthusiastic and showed some lovely canter work and great halts. Many, many thanks to our coach Kim Weston, Mitavite for keeping our horses looking great, The Tack Shed for our amazing competition wear, Erin Flanagan for calling Swishy’s test on the Sunday, Tanja Mitton for our recent Mind Training, Georgia Bruce for showing us how to motivate with positive reinforcement (yes, we did click all through our warm-up) our fellow competitors who were so supportiive and great fun to be around and last but by no means least Michael Sausman who is just the most amazing groom.
Super comments from FEI judge Maria Schwennesen, who certainly appreciated how motivated and boys are and witnessed the click – reward, positive reinforcement. Next stop Cairns FNEG comp next weekend – CLICK

Hi Georgia,
I met you in Sydney at the Equitana and we talked about my extreme herdbound horse
and we decided to introduce the clicker training on top of the Parelli training.
I must give you a great compliment this is excactly what she needed knowing she is
doing the right thing and the click gives her the message wherever she is flying
over barrels etc.
It is such a great incentive for her and so much fun thank you. Kind regards

“I didn’t know what Clicker Training was all about until Georgia came to us a few months ago for a clinic and I found that it put the icing on the cake training wise. My horse became more responsive and interested in what we were doing together and we achieved great results”.  Chris Phelps

A great Georgia Bruce clinic today at Durham Park, Arcadia. Very happy clients and I personally achieved a huge amount with Quizzy….not to brag, but he is really going very well! Thanks so much Georgia! Looking forward to a full day of clients tomorrow and Monday. Jan Tribe NSW

One must always keep the mind open for more ways to train the horse in a better way.Great fun with Georgia,her training is classical ,with superb ground skills and a sharp eye for priorities in the detail.That requires great teaching skills,well done Georgia. Colleen Brook, NSW

Had a great clicker training workshop with Georgia Bruce. Draco my brumby and I took a big step forward in our training and confidence. I really love the sequential nature of clicker training and how it helps you to be consistent and clear. Bring on the next workshop, can’t wait. Hilary Stubs. Equine Learning for Futures. Qld

Hi Georgia, Raven is a two year old Welsh/Shetland pony. I first saw him at a friends house in her yards after he attacked the person who was trying to load him onto a float. My friend had him in her yards for 3 weeks before she could take the halter off him. I went to visit with my clicker and treats. In 5 minutes I was able to touch him. I rewarded him every time he took any notice of me and then whenever he took a step towards me. By the end of the session (15 minutes) I was able to stroke his head and rub the halter all over his head and neck. I rewarded him for touching the halter first like you taught us. He came to my house and after a week of one session a day I was able to let him out into the big paddock with all the other horses. After 3 weeks I could touch him almost all over, he is still very nervous around his hind quarters. He comes for walks with me and willingly follows me over creeks and where ever I ask him. I only use the clicker now when I want to try something new, we are working on his back legs at the moment.
Clicker Training is the BEST
Thank you

Hi Georgia, When I first found out I was pregnant I thought there would be no changes with my ability to work with my horses. Well I was wrong, I naturally became very protective of my baby bump. My reactions were affected and my confidence around the young horses was slowly being lost. My mentor (Kim Weston) shared with me her experience of using your clicker method and suggested I read your book and try it out. The clicker training has given me a fun and rewarding way of handling my young horses. My young horses show an eagerness toward learning which is sensational to observe. And my confidence is again returning and I am enjoying clicking with my horses and gaining their trust and respect. Thank you for publishing a truly inspiring book to learn from.
Many thanks
Mimi Chiaravalle

Hello Georgia,
Just wanted to thank you for giving King & I such a wonderful intro to clicker
training. We both had a ball! Thanks for teaching with such calmness & clarity.
I’ll be ordering your goodies for sure.
Look forward to working with you again,
Regards, Sally Thompson and King

Dear Georgia,
I recently ordered your book through your website. I have a young horse that I was having trouble riding before I bought your book. I just wanted to tell you that my horse is now so responsive, soft and willing. Thank you!! I would recommend anyone who owns or rides young horses should read this book. Yours Sincerely, Rosalie Maver, Kurrajong, NSW

Hey Georgia,
I am really impressed with the new book. I have been using the exercises and steps you suggest in the book. My dressage horse has really improved. He is much more soft and supple than he used to be. Plus he loves training now!… If anyone wants to know how well clicker training works with dressage horses just get them to ask me!! I can’t wait till the shows start up again, my horse Swifty and I are going to get out there and show them what we can really do. Thanks again. Kind Regards, Anne Silverton, Narre Warren North, Victoria

Dear Georgia,I saw you, and your clicker training demonstrations at the Equitana in Melbourne several years ago.I bought your book and several clickers. I used the clicker training, as per your instructions with a horse that had been left at my friends place and which I took on. He was very afraid of people, difficult to catch, head shy, hard to bridle, never been rugged, etc, etc. The clicker training worked fabulously with him, he enjoyed his training sessions and I think over the past few years we only ever have had two days where we had a bit of a backward day, it has always been progressive. Things have improved so much it is sometimes hard to believe where he was at, at the very start. So thank you very much for introducing me to this great way of training and for providing material that is informative and easy to follow.All the very best with your plans and goals. Kind regards, Susan Lavin

Hi Georgia,Your book arrived in the mail today. Thank you so much for writing such an excellent book. I’ve been struggling by myself trying to work out all these things that you know. Appreciate you taking the time and effort to share it all! I’d be keen to attend a clinic if you’re ever near Sydney. You’re my new hero! Many thanks,from Noeline Cassetari, Rose (horse) and Chelsea (donkey).

Hi Georgia, I attended your sessions a couple of weekends ago at EquineX here in Canberra. Try as I might to identify flaws in clicker training (i am by nature very sceptical..) I now concede defeat. I was simply blown away by what you have achieved with your horses, particularly the high degree of self carriage able to be obtained with the higher dressage moves, at liberty. Where you really hooked me in, however, was how clicker training can be used to change unwanted behaviors. My fellow, an off-the-track standadbred, is a bit too friendly with his mouth. All games, but only a matter of time before he connected. His particular trick was to try to latch onto my feet in the ‘neutral’ training (mounted). There are only so many times you can let him think he’s ‘run into a post’ to modify his own behaviour. Of all the horses I have owned I have not had so much of an issue. Anyway, since I have been using positive reinforcement, this behavior had stopped dead, in less than a week, so I am wrapped. He’s now fully in tune with the clicker thing and we are progressing into other areas with great results. Cheers, Georgia – Sunny and I thank you very, very much. Kind regards, Judy Matusiewicz, Canberra P.S – I will watch out for any clinics you might have in these here parts.

Hi Georgia,  My name is Chiara and I saw one of your amazing demonstrations at Equitana a few weeks ago. It was very inspiring and your book has proved to be a very useful tool for both my daughter (9 years old) and I. Thank you again, it was amazing to see your work with Rumba. Chiara Perri, Melbourne

Hi Georgia, I went to Equitana and saw one of your demonstration which to me was the best part of the four days as you were amazing. I think you do an amazing job and I am very excited to learn more. Kind regards, Jo Perry, New Zealand

Thanks Georgia, Recieved the book today. I’m looking forward to trying it out & improving my communication with my horses. A friend of mine got your book after being recommended it by Richard Weis & after trying it out recommended I try it out. I have a few more friends who i think it will help so I’ll pass it on when I get going. Cheers, Pip Payne

Hi Georgia, I have met you briefly a couple of times, last time at the Equitation Science Symposium. I have been working my horses with Andrew McLean and the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre’s help for the last 3 years. (I translated Andrew’s book The Truth About Horses into Spanish.) The last training I did with my horse at AEBC, Andrew introduced us to clicker training particularly to start piaffe. I had heard him talk about it on several occasions, but had never tried it, mainly because I had that “fear of giving food treats” that I’m sure you come across all the time. This was in May, and when we came from Victoria back to Qld where I ride on my own most of the time, I started playing a bit and trying to figure it all out. I stumbled along for a few weeks and then went to the Symposium and watched your presentation, which really inspired me and cleared quite a few things up in my head. Since then I have to say that I am absolutely amazed at the results I can achieve! I have been riding most of my life and competed in eventing at 3* level as a young rider and have coached etc… so have had a fair bit of experience, but I always felt that in my training ability there was somewhat of a glass ceiling I couldn’t break through. I could get horses to about medium level but from there on, I never felt I had enough relaxation to go further, and had to keep going back to improve the basics without making real progress. I guess I don’t ride enough, and I’m not naturally talented at applying negative reinforcement even though I now know most of the theory behind it. It all gets a bit confusing for my horses. Clicker training has broken that glass ceiling! My horse is so relaxed and motivated at the same time, it’s like riding on air, and I can ride with such light pressures. He has lost all inclination to run, and he no longer looks at the gate when we ride past. He is offering more all the time, and I now really understand how to use it as a training aid, just like before I would have used the whip to improve an exercise, now I use the clicker, less pressure, and I get more and make much faster progress in very few repetitions, plus I feel much happier with myself at the end of each session!!! I have to thank you very much for the work you are doing in promoting clicker training, learning theory and horse welfare. I am enjoying riding and training my horse like never before. The only thing I am disappointed about is having waited 41 years to learn about it!!!
Cristina Wilkins, Editor and Designer, Horses & People Magazine

Hi Georgia, I saw you at the ISES on Monday and I have got online today and ordered your book. I was so impressed with the work that you have been doing and I can’t wait to get your book and read up on it to get myself eductated to start clicker training. My plan is for better lunge work. I have a horse that is SOOO food motivated but no whoa button on the lunge. However, when I walk beside him and say whoa, he stops beautifully. I can’t wait to put it to the test. Once again, I’m truly impressed and if I can get one tenth out of my horse that I see you have – I will be ecstatic!! Wendy. Wendy Charles, Team Manager Personal Insurance Manufacturing Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

Hi Georgia,
I received your book, and we have got started.”Smudge” is a pushy horse, fortunately I can push back, so I am glad you addressed that issue first.Day 2 and he turned his head away without me really asking so I think this will really do the trick for us.
Will let you know how we progress.

Thanks, Joan.

Hi Georgia,
I wanted to give you an update on my Clicker Training Adventures. I am breaking in a 4yo who has been a bit tricky until now. Was gelded late and has always been exuberant. I think I mistook his exuberance for confidence and hit a couple of road blocks and he started to be a bit naughty with the roller. Not a problem the first few times and then has been humping and being silly as I didn’t give him enough time as he just seemed to be accepting it all so well (I should know better). Anyway to cut a long story short, he has been out for a little while as I have been busy with the others. Have brought him back in to a little light work and have been working with the clicker. He loves his food this guy and he has become a different horse, so focused on me and wanting to be completely attentive. I have been mouthing him gradually and just started driving him with the roller etc and he is now just taking it all in his stride. Has stopped over reacting and is just quietly pottering around. I am Just so Thrilled!So just wanted to thank you for your demo at Equitana and you have seriously had an enormous impact on all of my horses training. They are progressing so much quicker and with a lot less tension. I have never been one to force them in the past and have got good results, but with the addition of the clicker it has been such a pleasure and not anywhere near as much hard work.
Marie Kukawski, Marketing Manager , Kentucky Equine Research ( Australasia) Pty Ltd

Hi Georgia,
I bought your first book a few weeks ago and it has been fabulous. My
horse has been excelling in everything. She just “gets” it 100% and
loves it. Regards, Tania Oosterhof, c/o Australian Renewable Fuels

Hi Georgia, I meant to tell you that I received a copy of your book for Christmas (from my mum) and I am in love with clicker training!!!! I have had the best results with a very sensitive mare that I have been working with for about 6 months (before I got her she had had 2 weeks work with the McLeans but otherwise basically unhandled by the previous owner and was extremely sensitive and reactive) but is just going like a charm. Am using the clicker with all of the horses and have had the most brilliant attitude adjustments, the horses just seem so much happier and have caught onto what I am trying to teach them so much quicker. I’m getting such a thrill out of it, even the stallion is loving it and he is such a fickle boy! Just thought you may be interested to know. Marie Kukawski, Marketing Manager ,Kentucky Equine Research ( Australasia) Pty Ltd