Private Lessons

Private lessons allow for tailored specific help for you and your horse.
Together we can create a training plan for your horse to help you achieve your training goals.
As we know training and riding is not just all about the horse and we can also improve your knowledge and fine tune your training and riding skills in a private and encouraging setting.

  • Beginners to advanced
  • Ages: 10 – Adult
  • Young horses to advanced performance horses.
  • Solving behaviour problems.
  • Ground work, leading, lunging, long reining, desensitizing.
  • Handling, hoof handling, rugging, preparation for vet care.
  • Float loading and trailering.
  • Preparation for riding and starting the young horse under saddle.
  • Foundation training under saddle. 
  • Obstacle training, preparing the horse for trail riding. 
  • Dressage training Preliminary to Grand Prix
  • Western riding, pleasure, reining and trail, training young horses to high performance. 
  • Working equitation.
  • Showing, in hand and under saddle. 
  • Preparation and conditioning of the competition horse
  • Training to improve body issues, soundness and general well being in the horse. 
  • Creating a joyful relationship with your horse. 
  • Liberty training through to advanced collection at liberty.
  • Working with multiple horses at liberty.
  • Trick training.
  • Riding tackless, riding with the cordeo.

    Private lessons are $100 per session (Approx 1hr). 

    If you are interested in hosting a day of private lessons please see the page “Host a clinic”

    Georgia can do 8 x 1hr private lessons per day.